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Polar Chair

Kevin Brown and Megan Valanidas
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“Polar Chair” is a fur-like product that gives humans comfort in extreme weather conditions. Polar Chair exists as an item of comfort and reminiscence.

The function of the fur works through its structure. The dark pigmented skin attracts light while the thick undercoat retains the heat. The long, translucent, hollow hairs scatter the light and absorbs additional radiation from the sun. This product is taking phenomena in nature, and applying it to items that humans can use. This fur is applied to a comfortable chair design. The chair includes arms that are bendable and able to “hug” the user when pulled and wrapped around them.

The world in which the product lives in is a futuristic world on a different planet. In this world, humans had been forced to move from Earth to another planet due to a lack of resources. On this planet, most things living things are different from the animals and to the plants on earth. Additionally, the temperature and weather are drastically different. In this new world, the fur would be made out of biodegradable plastics instead of the synthetic fur used in the prototype. This would prevent humans from making similar mistakes with plastic production that they had in the past.This product is helping those who feel homesick on their new planet. It is not a survival tool, however, it does provide immense comfort. 

I now define sustainability as an object's capacity to endure certain conditions.